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Su-Mêg Village - Visit the recreated Yurok seasonal village - "Su-Mêg" - consisting of traditional style family houses, a sweathouse, changing houses, a redwood canoe, and a dance house. Located at Patrick’s Point State Park, the re-constructed village site is used to share Yurok culture with the public. It is also used for yearly Yurok traditional ceremonies. Modern amenities nearby include: a parking area, a covered cooking shelter, and picnic tables. The village is open every day to the public.

Hidden Beach Trail - Part of the Coastal Trail, this beautiful 4 mile hike follows coastal bluffs to Lagoon Creek. Turn West from Highway 101 onto Requa Road to get started.

Scenic Drive - Klamath Beach Drive is a dirt road and has an alternate route for trailers and RV's at Alder Camp Road (see map). Enjoy unobstructed views of the mouth of the Klamath and the ocean below at several overlooks. At one overlook, a trail leads to a World War II-era Radar station disguised as a farmhouse and barn. Eight miles down the road you will connect with the Newton B. Drury Scenic Byway in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, home to a resident herd of Roosevelt Elk.

Fern Canyon - Fern Canyon is one of the most spectacular hikes on the north coast. It is a very narrow, very steep rock canyon - draped in lush ferns- in the middle of an old-growth redwood forest. It is a one-of-a-kind geological formation that starts on an isolated, wind-swept beach. For more information and directions select the Fern Canyon link.




National and State Parks - There are two State and National Parks located within Yurok ancestral territory.

The Redwood National Park
California State Parks
Jedediah Smith State Park
Patrick's Point State Park
Prairie Creek State Park



Klamath River Jet-Boat Tours - Klamath Jet-Boat Tours is open May thru October. The tour takes a 50-mile scenic adventure ride up the Klamath River. The tour includes: a narrated history of the area, information about Yurok culture and the area's wildlife. From the comfort of the jet-powered speed boat you may enjoy sighting many of the local wildlife such as elk, deer, bears, osprey, salmon, hawks, eagles and more. Reservations are recommended but drop-ins are welcome. The Jet Boat Tour office is located on Highway 101, 5 miles south of the Trees of Mystery. Klamath River Jet Boat  Tours can be reached toll-free at (707) 482-7775

Trees of Mystery - Take a tour through the toprain forest . Ride the Skytram, a gondola which offers a unique vantage point of ancient redwood forests. You'll also find the End of the Trail Museum, a 3,000 square foot space filled with Native American artifacts from all over the United States, including the Yurok Tribe. The collection is expansive and admission is free. For more information about Trees of Mystery click Trees of Mystery

Tour-Thru Tree - Vehicles can drive through the center of a hollowed out, old-growth redwood tree!

Dining in Klamath

Forest Café
15499 Us Highway 101 N, Klamath
(707) 482-5585


4100 State Highway 169, Klamath
(707) 482-3713

Raven House
17584 US Highway 101 North, Klamath
(707) 482-5385

Sis' Kitchen

301 Highway 169, Klamath

(707) 482-1408

4100 Hwy 169 Klamath
(707) 482-3713

Lodging in Klamath

Bed & Breakfast Inns

Historic Requa Inn
Janet and Martin Wortman
451 Requa Rd. Klamath
(707) 482-1425
Historic Requa Inn

Rhodes' End B&B
Dusty Rhodes Lynn Marshall
115 Trobitz Rd. Klamath
(707) 482-1654
email contact
Rhode's End B&B


Woodland Villa Country Cabins and Market
15870 Us Hwy 101Klamath
888 866-2466 toll free
( 707) 482-2081

Woodland Villa Country Cabins and Market

Camping & RV Parks

There are over 1,200 campsites available in Klamath, all of which are in proximity to some of the best salmon and steelhead fishing in the world. Many offer riverside locations and docks. Some are park-like in their landscaping, others have organized activities, but one thing all of them have are helpful, friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Arbor Glen Mobile Home & RV Park
16400 Hwy 101 Klamath
(707) 482-2065
Arbor Glen Mobile Home & RV Park

Blackberry Patch RV Park
401 Terwer Riffle Rd. Klamath
(707) 482-4782
Camper Corral
PO Box 729 Klamath
(707) 482-5741
Web Site Camper Corral

Chinook RV Resort
PO Box 7 Klamath
(707) 482-3511
Chinook RV Resort

Golden Bear RV Park
17581 Hwy 101 Klamath
Kamp Klamath
PO Box 99 Klamath
(707) 482-0227

Kamp Klamath

Klamath River RV Park

PO Box 656 Klamath
(707) 482-2091
Klamath River RV Park

Mystic Forest RV Park
PO Box 1045 Klamath
(707) 482-4901
email contact
Web Mystic Forest RV Park

Panther Creek RV Resort
200 Hughes Rd. Klamath

(707) 482-5105
Village Mobilehome & RV Park
140 Klamath Blvd. Klamath
(707) 482-0115
fax 482-0575

Lodges, Hideaways & Hostels

Redwood Hotel Casino
171 Klamath Blvd. Klamath

(707) 482-1777
fax 482-1772

Redwood Hotel Casino

Steelhead Lodge
330 Terwer Riffle Rd. Klamath

(707) 482-8145
fax 482-8405

Steelhead Lodge


Motel Trees
15495 Highway 101 South
Klamath, CA 95548
tollfree 800.848.2982
Motel Trees

Ravenwood Motel
151 Klamath Blvd. Klamath CA 95548
(707) 482-5911
Ravenwood Motel
For more information:
Klamath Chamber of Commerce






Patrick's Point State Park

Fern Canyon

The Redwood National Park

California State Parks

Jedediah Smith State Park

Patrick's Point State Park

Prairie Creek State Park

Trees of Mystery

 drive through tree